Planar linear tapered slot antenna

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Planar Integrated Antenna Technology - The slot antenna has been investigated since at least the 1940s. 6 Planar microstrip-fed slot antennas have been reported as early as 1972. 7. The resonant half-wavelength slot antenna is desirable because of its compact size. However, the antenna has a large input impedance, typically larger than 300 W, which makes it unattractive to match to. Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based High Gain Planar ... Abstract. The 60 GHz band has the potential to provide high speed wireless communication. Substrate integrated waveguide (SIW) fed millimeter wave high gain antipodal linear tapered slot antenna (ALTSA) is presented in this paper.

A Miniaturized CPW-Fed Tapered Slot Antenna in Lossy Environment ...

A Vivaldi antenna or Vivaldi aerial or tapered slot antenna is a co- planar broadband-antenna, which can be made from a solid piece of sheet metal, aFrom the open space area the energy reaches an exponentially tapered pattern via a symmetrical slot line. Vivaldi antennas can be made for linear... Antipodal Fermi-Linear Tapered Slot Antenna... AFLTSA Antipodal Fermi Linear Tapered Slot Antenna ALTSA Antipodal Linear Tapered Slot Antenna CAD Computer Aided Design CBCPW ConductorAs in planar structures, slot apertures and printed antennas are proposed. However, slot apertures suffer from higher ohmic losses.

Compact Tapered-Shape Slot Antenna for UWB Applications Rezaul Azim, Mohammad Tariqul Islam, Member, IEEE, and Norbahiah Misran, Member, IEEE Abstract—A compact microstrip line-fed ultrawideband (UWB) tapered-shape slot antenna is presented. The proposed antenna comprises a tapered-shape slot and rectangular tuning stub.

Substrate Integrated Waveguide Based High Gain Planar Antipodal ... Jun 12, 2017 ... Antipodal linear tapered slot antenna Dielectric loading Millimeter wave Substrate ... At millimeter wave frequency band the losses in the planar ... Vivaldi antenna - Wikipedia

Planar tapered slot antennas have two common features. The radiating slot acts as the ground plane for the antenna and the antenna is fed by a balanced slot line. However, drawbacks for a planar TSA come in the form of using a low dielectric constant substrate and obtaining an impedance match for the slot line.

Design of an efficient miniaturized UHF planar antenna ... Design of an Efficient Miniaturized UHF Planar Antenna Kamal Sarabandi, Fellow, IEEE, and Reza Azadegan, Student Member, IEEE Abstract— In this paper, the design aspects and the measured results of a novel miniaturized planar antenna are described. Such architectural antenna design is of great importance in


WIDE BEAM TAPERED SLOT ANTENNA FOR WIDE ANGLE SCANNING ... eRx2¡eRx1. The taper length, L is x2 ¡ x1 and the aperture height is H is 2(y2 ¡ y1) + WSL. In the limiting case where R approaches zero, the exponential taper results in a so-called linearly tapered slot antenna (LTSA) for which the taper slope is constant and given by s0 = (y2 ¡ y1)=(x2 ¡ x1). Linear Tapered Slot Antenna for Imaging Array A prototype imaging array utilizing tapered slot antenna elements is investigated for potential use in radio astronomy. The design utilizes a previously reported substrate integrated waveguide style feed for the antenna element. The reported behavior of a tapered slot antenna is reproduced within CST Microwave Studio simulator, and the Planar High-Gain Dielectric-Loaded Antipodal Linearly ... Abstract: The concept of substrated integrated waveguide (SIW)-fed horn and antipodal linearly tapered slot antenna (ALTSA) are jointly used to design a low-cost, high-gain, and efficient planar dielectric-loaded antenna for ultra-wideband gigabyte wireless services, which are demonstrated over E - and W-bands. SIW is used to feed the proposed antenna. A Ka-band Planar Printed Antipodal Linearly-tapered Slot ...