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Aug 28, 2014 · when I was leveling up my pet and it died and it told me that my pet slots was locked how do I unlock my pet slots? or did I lose my pet forever? Might be an easier way but go to a battlepet trainer and do the heal/resurrect all battle pets thing. Fixed it for me and got me my dead pet back. How to Win Pet Battles in World of Warcraft | LevelSkip Did you know that you can now battle with wild pets and other players in World of Warcraft? Pet Battles were introduced with the Mists of Pandaria expansion as a way to give long-time players something new to do. Similar to Pokémon, this turn-based mini-game allows players to level their pets to 25, capture wild pets and battle fellow players for experience. Pet Battles: Beginners Guide - YouTube Mar 17, 2014 · World of Warcraft Complete Beginners Guide 2018 - What Class Should You Pick, Level Boost Or Fresh? - Duration: 15:49. BBKDRAGOON 502,429 views

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WoW Pet Battle Guide: How To Beat Xufu and Zao in the… Subscribe to The WoW Pet Battle Crew on iTunes or via RSS! The Celestial Tournament.MEET fellow battle pet tamers and discuss team strategies and the latest pet battle news in our Google+ Community. SUBMIT your ideas for a pet team we can try on the show, or your questions about what... World of Warcraft How To Power Leveling Battle... | WoW

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We’ve discussed battle pets you can trade and acquire via drops before, so it’s high time we discuss some battle pets that are great fighters that you can tame. Here are some of my favorites. This crab has been a central workhorse for me since the inception of the battle pet system. It swings ... Cataclysm Leveling Guide Wow Quick Leveling Guide | world of ... Each pet has 3 abilities it can use during a battle, but a total of 6 to choose from. They will also have a total of 3 active spell slots that show which abilities can be used during a Pet Battle. The first spell slot will already be unlocked, but the second and third will only become available once the companion has reached a certain level. How to get started building your own battle pet arsenal

To remove or abandon a pet, simply right-click on them in the pet journal, and choose 'cage' or 'release'. Note, you can't remove or cage a pet which is in your battle slot, but you can change your pets in your battle slots by clicking, and dragging another pet onto it. I don't think you can remove or cage every pet though.

If I'm not wrong, the last time we got more stable slots was back in Cata (2010), I'm only got 2 slots on my stable, and a lot o people will say - you only carry 5 pets, why you want more slots? With this line of thought , why do you collect battle pets when you can only take 3 to fight, and what about mounts, you can only ride 1 each time. Hunters get more pet slots: running out of things to ... 'World of Warcraft Classic' debuts on August 26th ... Hunters get more pet slots: running out of things to complain about ... with 50 in the stable and 5 in the active pet slots. Deleting the Cache Folder - Blizzard Support

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A Pet Battling Beginner's Guide : wow - reddit (If you can't find moths to battle, simply run around killing the non pet-battle moths, and a few minutes later more will spawn for you to battle!) (After defeating enough moths, it could be that every single battle-pet moth spawns on top of a large spire. You should see them all clumped up there on your minimap when you get near. WoW- how to use battle pets - YouTube